Are online guitar lessons as good as lessons in person?

I am happy to announce that I was one of a handful of guitar instructors selected by Google for the rollout of their new Helpouts service ( today Nov 5, 2013. Helpouts is an online tutoring service. You can book a live-on-camera lesson with an expert on any number of subjects, including guitar. You can book a lesson with me on Google Helpouts at

Are online guitar lessons as good as lessons in person? Well, it’s hard to beat having your teacher right there in the room, as you can certainly watch what they do a little clearer than on camera, however, an online lesson is the next best thing. And, an online lesson has some distinct advantages over an in-person lesson. Consider:

Advantages of Online Music Lessons over conventional, in-person lessons:

1. There may not be a guitar teacher or a bass teacher in your area who knows about the types of things you wish to study, or is qualified to your liking

2. No travel costs for you (gasoline, etc) to and from your guitar lesson

3. No traveling in bad weather

3. No time lost traveling to and from your guitar lesson

4. There is no cost for “the call”, just the guitar lesson

5. If you need a guitar lesson at “odd times” of the day, you are more likely to find a guitar teacher online that can accommodate you, as he/she doesn’t have to worry about “driving in” for 1 student