How Music Has Changed My Life

Here's an ariticle I wrote for in Jan of 2015 (


Sometimes I forget how music has changed my life. I won’t detail all the years of weekly lessons, basement and bar bands, college classes and teaching jobs that sprang from my original obsession with a sunburst electric guitar in the Sears catalog. But I will say this – learning to play music has in one way or another determined how people view me, who I met, how I spent most of my spare time, how I met some of the loves of my life, who my friends are, what jobs I held and how I spend my days now.


There is an indescribable joy you get on those magic nights when you find yourself playing an inspired improvised solo over a great groove your band is laying down. I don’t know what else in life can give you that kind of a natural high. I imagine it must be like skiing naked down a mountainside. It is also very gratifying to hear an audience applaud at something you wrote, and even better to have them pound on the table for an encore after you’ve left the stage! You have to keep it all in perspective, or your head can get too big to fit through a door.


But even day to day, it’s nice to know I can sit down and amuse myself with music written anywhere from the year 1500 to last month, and make a living doing nearly the very thing I’d be doing if I wasn’t paid.