Mike G. Johnson

Guitar Lessons in Ogden, UT

Ukulele Lessons in Ogden UT

Electric Bass Lessons in Ogden, UT

Bass, Guitar and Ukulele Lessons Using Skype, Online Lesson Sites and In Person



Info  -  Mike talks about his teaching style and philosophy


Video - Playing Samples

Examples of Mike's playing:

1) Classical  -  Prelude to Suite Venezolana (by Antonio Lauro)

2) Bluegrass  - Fear of Commitment (original composition)

3) Latin  - Samba Pa Ti (by Carlos Santana, arranged by Mike Johnson)

4) Pop  - I'll Follow the Sun (by the Beatles)

5) New Age - Way Out West (original composition)


6) Ukelele  -  Brenda, Brenda, Brenda (Original Composition)




Audio - Playing Samples