Useful Resources for Guitar, Ukulele and Bass Players


Pedal Haven - Everything you need to know to buy, build or learn about guitar effects pedals

A Classical Guitar Blog featuring tips, tricks & interviews

Guitar Music in the Public Domain - free to download

Take Online University Courses for free (I know, I didn't believe it either)

This free customizable metronome program takes up only 24k disk space

Interactive game that helps you memorize the fretboard

Buy and Download legal sheetmusic by the song – if you don’t need the whole songbook

The coolest guitar tuner is also inexpensive

This foldable chair is designed specifically for guitarists

Some good places to order strings by mail - here or here

Online discussion forum for classical guitar issues

I haven’t tried these but they sound like a great idea – artificial nails made specifically for classical guitarists

T-shirts for guitar players

Make your own guitar picks out of credit cards or other materials

Universal guitar tool – the swiss army knife for the guitarist

There are lots of guitar picks with added “grip” but these feel the best to me

This company sells all kinds of gifts for guitarists

Great quality leather guitar straps – Made in Canada (like me)

Attractive hand-carved inserts for guitar soundholes – help supress feedback

Posters for guitar players